Putting the free in freelancer: why content marketing is key to winning in the gig economy

Content marketing   You’ve probably already heard the modern mantra “content is king” so many times your mouth is a little full of puke right now hearing it again. Sorry. Unfortunately, it’s true and regardless of what it is that you’ll be selling – whether it’s your time, your expertise, your upcycled Patron bottles on Etsy, […]

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The Challenge of Complacency

Complacency is a hidden cost of success. Whether you are gainfully employed, or a proudly independent entrepreneur, if you get good enough at what you do to get known for it, watch out for it because it’s coming for you. It creeps in, and treads very softly. It begins with a casual lowering of the […]

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The uniform confers power. A uniform subsumes the individual. Uni + form. One entity. One shape. Single purpose. The uniform speaks a coded language. When you interact with someone in uniform you are interacting with the whole. The uniform necessarily commands attention. It is designed to be a visual cue to observers that you are […]

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Is it real? The first response I find myself having when I hear, see or read any piece of content today is questioning the authenticity of the information. The media thrives on hype and hyperbole. All members of the political class cater to controversy, whipping up anything that has the potential to make their political […]

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A fishing guide to entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur, like being a fisherman (or fisherwoman) is not for everyone. But everyone can learn something from fishing. As strange as it seems, I recognize that not everyone enjoys rising before dawn, hauling gear down to a cold boat, wading through waters and mucking around with worms, leeches and bait fish. Stabbing yourself […]

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Someone else’s problem

Someone else’s problem This planet is brimming with minds full of potential that is barely being used. Inside each one of them lies the possibility of a solution to a problem that someone else is grappling with. Often, all that’s missing is the connection between the two. Sites like Quora that crowdsource answers is effectively […]

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The freedom of not counting

It’s hard to stop counting. Counting is ingrained in us from an early age. In elementary school, learning to count is one of the fundamental learning blocks for a lifetime of learning. Kids relish in the skill once they grasp it, like having a new kind of magic power formerly reserved for the adult world. […]

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At the end of every “town hall” employee meeting or “fireside chat” I’ve witnessed, there is the inevitable Q&A session. In theory, this is supposed to be the time when the speaker and the audience connect, an opportunity for engagement to manifest. It rarely is. Why is that? The speaker finishes saying what he or […]

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What are you going to do with yours? This morning my daughter asked me to play Bob Dylan’s song The Hurricane. As she was listening to the lyrics, especially this part: “….When a cop pulled him over to the side of the road Just like the time before and the time before that In Patterson […]

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Prince was one of my artistic heroes and along with millions of others today, I am saddened by his sudden death.  Accolades have been heaped upon him and will continue to amass for as long as there will be listeners to his vast, kaleidoscopic creative output.  Mine but another rose on his grave. A friend […]

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